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Who we are

servicesVSE Industrial Automation is an experienced and decisive system integrator with fundamental values such as partnership, flexibility and reliability at our core. Partnering with our suppliers and our customers. Whether it's our software or hardware engineers or our service technicians, we all are passionate about technology and committed to completing every job. Where others quit, we're just hitting out stride.

And when it gets really difficult, we'll tackle the matter even harder. When the going gets tough... that’s us.

Our high-quality solutions bring all our customers on time and on budget to the forefront of their field.

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What we do

services VSE Industrial Automation automates machines, production lines or even entire factories. For customers, we develop customised control software and small or large mechatronic masterpieces. We integrate the various systems that make up the automation pyramid.

We have been doing this at the highest level in many sectors for decades. With the wealth of knowledge and experience we have gathered, we put our customers in front of the pack. We are able to do this because we are always up to date with the latest technology, and we understand how it best fits the overall picture. What's more, we can count on a highly diverse set of best practices. We know the beaten paths like the back of our hand. But we also like to stray from it, using the broad-based view that comes from working in different fields.

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How we do this

services Staying ahead by innovating is not just a matter of bringing the smartest solutions. It is also a matter of pragmatic perseverance. That is what our extensive experience has taught us. The VSE approach therefore starts with good listening. Asking the QBQ and reading between the lines.

Then we convert smart ideas into concrete actions.

Actions that go far beyond working on an innovative application. We always pay attention to the bottom line: The Total Cost of Ownership.
A smart VSE solution looks at where it fits in the greater whole, and it always relates to the entire life cycle. This is how customers will maintain their lead in the future.

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services Good stewardship. That's what we are committed to. Fortunately, our expertise allows us to do this in various ways. Wherever possible, our projects get a sustainable accent, and we are actively developing our own sustainable solutions. And outside of these projects, in our daily operations, we are constantly looking for opportunities.

Since 2015, we have been part of the leading CSR group WaardZaam. Together with fifteen other companies from the Krimpenerwaard, we added our signature in April 2016 to an energy agreement in which we commit ourselves to the goal of consuming 10% less energy within three years. Our energy consumption will be measured with the Stimular Environmental Barometer.

Waardzaam   Environmental Barometer