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The man with the blue helmet Son and father Kromwijk

We are interviewing Jos Kromwijk, but in fact his son Wesley should have sat across the table as well. But Wesley, the son, prefers to be busy with projects rather than giving interviews. Wesley stands out by his natural talent when it comes to technology and entrepreneurship. When he was seventeen (!) he started his…
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From bulk to bakery – Where the bakery gets the raw materials

Cas Markesteijn and Junior Hatt are jointly responsible for the technology at AB Mauri. A factory where bakery products are composed. At one time, the company started as a daughter of Gist Brocades in Delft. Nowadays recipes for products are mixed her every day, ranging from the Dutch ‘oliebollen’ to their famous ‘VollerKoren’ bread. In…
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Woltman and cooperation – Extension of the client

The employees of VSE are called 'an extension of their company' by some customers. Woltman is such a client. Woltman supplies foundation machines. Pile-drivers, drilling- and drainage machines with related equipment, always custom made. On a regular basis they ask VSE employees to control or to service their machines. To their full satisfaction, so we…
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