Flexible, efficient and customised – Extension of the Concorp technical departmen

In Waddinxveen there has been a candy factory since the year dot. Old Dutch sugar work like meringues, candy balls and many other goodies roll out of the conveyor belt every day. And VSE is seen as part of the family at this factory. Not to help themselves to the candy - although - but to support the technical department.

Bert Maaten and Raymond van Mourik are both working in the technical service department of Concorp, as today the factory name reads. After your reporter has been polished and washed up to behind the ears, all clothing has been covered with a hygienic overlayer, and even the pen is swapped for a detectable one, she may enter the production area. It is busy in the company, because a large part of the sweets that are produced now is candy for the Dutch Sinterklaasfeest. Ah, the temptation! Raymond is quickly called away, because all lines have to be productive in this time of the year. So Bert is taking the honors, gives a guided tour and shows a few projects where VSE is involved.

Targeted deployment
"Actually, the VSE people are an extension of our own technical service. In large projects they are here for longer times on end, but it also happens that we ask them for short-term job. Our own technical service has been thinned out in recent years and we are now hiring in more often. That also has its advantages, especially if you have people who know your business and know exactly what is going on and what our wishes are. So you can use the available resources very efficiently and focused."

Sugar coating pans
Bert says that VSE is a pleasant partner to work with. "They very clearly invest in the relationship, even if it does not directly involve a project. That is of course very important for the ‘goodwill factor’, but without the right knowledge it would be worthless." Bert shows a production hall with rows and rows of sugar coating pans. Large copper semi-open kettles are revolving, applying a sugar coating on candy cores. "These pans have been converted by VSE and equipped with new engines and axles, but also with completely new frames," Bert says. "That's very neatly done by Chris Hoogenboom of VSE, he is an all-round technician, he can weld and masters both electronics and mechatronics. "

Especially the flexibility and commitment are big bonusses, says Bert. "If we need someone, VSE is always able to send the right person pretty quickly, with the right knowledge. That is of course very important to us. VSE gives her employees the opportunity to become very all-round technicians. We appreciate that very much. Few companies manage their capacity in the way VSE does."

Often a project can be scheduled in advance. "When we have multiple jobs at hand, we start to look at the priority. At the moment we are busy with an upgrade of specific electrical installations. Now that the highest priority is finished we are planning the other priorities together with VSE."

Advantages of hiring in are, apart from the flexibility, the knowledge. "Like I said, the people at VSE are getting the opportunity to develop themselves all-round, but overall the knowledge in general is more in-depth than our own. They get to see different situations in different plants and learn from all they encouter."

Raymond is joining us again. "For that project with the sugar coating pans, Chris Hoogenboom has been working at Concorp for five weeks consecutively. That went just fine, it's like he's part of the team. And in any case, the people of VSE understand what is involved when they have to work in a hygienic environment. So that immediately saves time."



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