Replacing controls and drive motors for Ahold Delhaize

How did VSE achieve this?

As no functional description of the controls existed, the VSE employee began taking notes of every movement of the process. Not only were the various motors connected with each other in the software, but all other control systems, such as the pneumatic elements, the degassing valves, the filling machine control, the opening and closing of the muzzle, the labeller and the CO2 gas unit as well. The operation of each of these elements is highly time critical.


What was the customer's experience after the project?

For Ahold Delhaize, it was paramount that the new control system be reliable. The fact that it took so much time with the different recipes was a bit of a setback for us, but that has been solved more than satisfactory. We felt completely in the dark at the beginning, due to the lack of specifications, but now, after sorting the first one, we have a really good basis for converting the next lines. I had already had previous experience with VSE, and we speak the same language, which is great. (project leader Stefan de Boer)

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